Mission: Limitless

Hello! My name is Janine and I’m a Dutchie from the 80’s. Settling for a job, a pension and death is what I’m absolutely NOT looking for at the moment. I’ve always been a traveller. Riding the bike as a kid, taking the train all over the country with my student card and staying away for days to have fun, taking cheap trips to Berlin, London, Stockholm and in 2019 I hope to be living in a van, travelling through Scandinavia and blogging about Nordic vibes. Read more about this on… indeed, Nordic Vibes!

Health journey

For now, I am on a health journey, recovering from gut dysbiosis and fatigue. I need GAPS approved foods (bulletproof coffee is my vice though), light exercise (I miss doing crossfit!) and peace & quiet (I love that). So the travels I am longing for will have to wait for a while. After thirteen years of living in Zwolle, Utrecht and half a year of traveling through Scandinavia, I am now based in Assen, the city where I was born and raised. Here’s where I find some much needed rest.

On this blog I am writing about my health journey and other stories about improving my life. All in Dutch, but I am sure Google Translate will be of a great help when you want my blogs translated 🙂


Enjoying the freedom in Norway, 2008

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